I've been published!

Getting published is not required to call yourself a writer. What is required is that you write. That you put in the work to improve your craft. That you are open to honest critique and apply feedback to put out a better piece of writing.

These pieces of writing are the result of many years & multiple critiques and edits.

The Caretaker Noticed

When you gain sentience, what's the first thing you notice?

Dig It Out

Brave Knight Gigi has lost her armor!


Gigi the groundhog loves two things: digging and her blue sweater with silver buttons. When she puts on the sweater, it becomes the shining armor of the Brave Knight Gigi.


Brave Knight Gigi can face anything.


When Gigi’s favorite sweater goes missing, it makes her heart hurt. Her armor is gone! Gigi digs to get away from the sadness. She digs and digs and digs.


Can Gigi find the strength inside her to face her sadness? Can she be Brave Knight Gigi without her armor?